Yellowstone & Teton National Parks

Explore the Grandeur... Next Trip: TBD

Trip Rating: Challenging Maximum Daily mileage: 4-8
Terrain: Hilly with uneven patches, rocks, and roots
Elevation gains: Up to 750 feet

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Join us in Wyoming!

For a magical week in nature’s majesty…

  • Hike to towering waterfalls, through rolling mountain meadows adorned with wildflowers, to spectacular views of snow-capped mountain ranges, through verdant valleys, and along rippling lakes.
  • Stand on the rim of Yellowstone’s "Grand Canyon"; count down to the eruption of iconic Old Faithful; photograph Mormon Row’s rustic farm sheds backdropped with the Teton; and marvel at Grand Prismatic Spring, the country’s largest and sublimely colorful hot spring.
  • Delight in watching animals and their spring babies, including bison, moose, pronghorn, and bear, among others. Search for the elusive wolves that were reintroduced to the parks.
  • Horseback ride through the Tetons, kayak on Jackson Lake, watch for wildlife and great scenery on a guided raft trip down the Snake River, or cruise on a boat tour of Jackson Lake.
  • Settle into historic national park lodges on the shores of Lake Yellowstone and Jackson Lake.
  • Relish great food in park lodges.
  • Savor the joy and camaraderie you can only experience in the great outdoors.
A mother pronghorn nudges her young fawn to a safe hiding place.
Enjoy the abundant wildlife! We saw this moose in the Tetons

Fly into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we’ll meet you by 2 pm. Then tour Wyoming’s remarkable countryside as we drive to Yellowstone National Park. Settle into our hotel, nestled on Yellowstone Lake in the park’s quiet side. We’ll enjoy lakeview dining together at our hotel dining room, rated by Frommer’s as having "the finest food in the Wyoming wilderness."

Old Faithful’s giant water plumes are as exciting as they are "timely."

You’ll love our first hike: the Garnet Hill trail offers gorgeous views of the Yellowstone River, Absaroka Mountain Range, mountain meadows, rolling hills, and ample wildflowers. Our 8-mile hike takes us through areas frequented by bears, bison, elk, pronghorn, birds, and other wildlife. On the way home we’ll stop to watch Tower Falls plunge 132 feet over its sheer black cliff of volcanic basalt into the Yellowstone River. You’ll also love our drive through pretty Dunraven Pass; at 8,859 feet, it’s the highest point along any of the park roads. We’ll also drive through picturesque Hayden Valley, where wolves are making a comeback. We’ll enjoy dinner at our hotel.


Yellowstone’s geologic wonders will awe you on today’s hikes Our 6-mile Fairy Falls hike takes us to overlooks of the rainbow brilliance of Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the U.S. Our trail then winds through a new-growth forest (rising from the remnants of Yellowstone’s 1988 wildfire) to Fairy Falls, a wispy 197-foot beauty that’s one of the park’s highest falls. We’ll lunch beside its peaceful pool. Then we’ll top off the hike by visiting Imperial and Spray Geysers before heading back. During afternoon free time at Old Faithful, visit the famous geyser, as well as the other geysers and thermals lining the boardwalk. Then stop by shops in the Old Faithful Inn before we eat dinner there. Frommer’s says of Old Faithful’s dining room, "you can’t beat the ambience: a grand stone-and-timberlodge perched next to the most famous geyser in the world."

The Slough Creek hike was a favorite of our scouting party.

You’ll love our drive through the Lamar Valley to our 4-mile Slough Creek hike. Slough Creek winds through the Lamar Valley, renowned for its sweeping vistas and plentiful wildlife, including elk, bison, osprey, eagles, and bear. Its most famous residents are the reclusive wolves, which were reintroduced there and are thriving. On the way back from our hike, we will stop for rim views of the spectacular 20-mile-long Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Yellowstone River carved this canyon 1,500-4,000 feet across and 750-1,200 feet deep. We’ll see the Lower and Upper Falls from three breathtaking viewpoints. We’ll grab dinner at Canyon Village before an evening drive through Hayden Valley looking for wildlife.

Dusk holds a charm all her own in the mountains.

Our 2-mile morning hike on the Storm Point Trail is a perfect goodbye to lovely Yellowstone. We’ll pass through moose habitat on our way to Yellowstone Lake’s Storm Point and views of snow-capped mountains reflected in this huge lake. We’ll look for marmots, bison, swans, ducks, and pelicans. After our hike, we’ll head for Teton National Park, where you’ll have the option of an unforgettable 2-hour afternoon horseback ride or kayaking on pretty Jackson Lake. Then settle into your mountain-view cottage before dining together at Jackson Lake Lodge.


You choose how to spend your morning:

  1. Take a scenic 3-hour float trip down the Snake River to look for morning wildlife. (No whitewater and no paddling — your guide paddles and tells you about the area.)
  2. Take the scenic, narrated cruise on Jackson Lake for 1.5 hours, exploring the islands and the shoreline under the towering mountains.
  3. Enjoy the views from your cabin and read a book.
In the afternoon, we’ll tour Teton lookout points, including Mormon Row, where picturesque farm sheds were built by Mormon homesteaders. We’ll drive to the wildlife-rich Colter Bay area for dinner and wildlife watching.

The rustic buildings of Mormon Row are framed by the Teton’s timeless splendor.

With wonderful new memories, photographs, and friendships, we’ll head to Jackson Hole airport for your flight home anytime after 9:30 am.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is spectacular!
Stand in awe of Wyoming’s majesty.

The trip cost includes:

  • 7 days of unforgettable scenery and experiences.
  • 4 nights of double-occupancy lodging at Lake Yellowstone Hotel, a grand hotel on the shores of Yellowstone Lake. It’s as charming as when President Calivin Coolidge stayed there in the 1920s.
  • 2 nights of double-occupancy lodging at Jackson Lake Lodge’s premier mountain-view cottages.
  • 4 naturalist-led hikes in Yellowstone by local, park-authorized guides.
  • Visits to some of the most renowned sites: Old Faithful, Tower Falls, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Mormon Row, the Tetons, and more.
  • Driving tours through Lamar Valley, Hayden Valley, and between Yellowstone and the Tetons.
  • Arrangements and transportation for the 4 optional activities: Horseback riding in the Tetons, scenic rafting down the Snake River, narrated boat tour of Jackson Lake, and kayaking on Jackson Lake.
  • SUV transportation for our group throughout the week.
  • Shuttles to and from the airport at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, within designated time frames.
  • Guided discussions, based on what we see in nature each day, that foster warm camaraderie and help you view nature and yourself in new ways.
  • Info booklet packed with tips on hiking and what to bring; as well as fun facts about the hikes and the area’s history, weather, and wildlife.
  • Park entrance fees and permits.
  • Photo CD memento of the trip.