(Signed with “trail names,” when provided)

“This week-long trip changed my life. I saw gorgeous scenery and I saw a newfound physical, emotional, and spiritual strength within me. Thank you.”

“The hiking was incredible, the spiritual atmosphere was uplifting, and the beauty of Acadia far surpassed what I had expected. I also liked making and talking to new friends -- and understanding that my life isn’t the only complex one!” ~Tai Tai

“I like to hike. I like nature and how I feel after I’ve been a part of the outdoors. It fills me up. I go home and feel I’m a better listener, a better friend, wife, and person. I’m so glad that I found this group. This was my third hike with you and I’m planning to join you in Minnesota and then Glacier!” ~Ladybug

“This trip was better than I dreamed it would be. Every day was a new adventure for us. It also helped me to see how well women can function as a group … how caring and understanding they can be.” ~Pat

“We’re so thankful we joined you and the others on this AWESOME hiking trip!” ~Mother & daughter team, Swift River and Skip

“I like that everything is taken care of, and then some. I have so much responsibility in my life, that it’s nice not to think about food, transportation, etc. I want to go back and take all of my friends to share the experience with them. It was so beautiful…” ~Ladybug

“I want to thank you again for all you did to make the Maine trip so fantastic – I am still basking in the glow. Sharon and I have had so much fun remembering all we did and have warned everyone that all the lobster in Bar Harbor is gone! And where do you find all these fun and caring women?” ~White Dove

“I’ll bring a friend or a sister on these trips because I know that whatever their circumstance in life, they’ll be respected and feel comfortable, they’ll have a quality hiking experience, and they’ll make new friends.” ~Flowing Water

“Thank you for a remarkable experience.”

“Thank you for Trailbound Trips and what that has meant to me: camaraderie, new friendships, acceptance, continued love of the outdoors, learning, travel, and more importantly, laughing!” ~Nancy B.

About the Christian-focused trips…

“I was re-energized. I felt God’s presence on the hikes and through the ministry of each woman there. I came home with new enthusiasm for my ministry to my family and husband. Because you followed God’s calling to lead the retreat, the rest of us were blessed in so many ways. I think that we all came away with the definite feeling that we were where God wanted us to be that week.” ~Ranger

“This retreat impacted my life tremendously. I have a new outlook, a richer life with Christ, a better understanding of how big our Creator is. I loved the beauty and the challenge. This stretched me!”

“When things get really hectic, I pop our retreat praise CD into my player, re-read my journal, look at my postcards, and remember our wonderful experience with 12 sisters and God in the mountains of Shenandoah.” ~Flash

“I go back and relive the memories when I need to get away and have some peace. The beauty puts me back into God’s awesome presence.” ~Wandering Spirit

“I loved every moment … So often I can get bogged down with stuff. It’s easy to lose sight sometimes. I needed time alone with God and He spoke to me on the paths.” ~Bearclaw

“As always, you picked some of the most interesting trails which were challenging but doable for all, and it gave us some great views of God’s beautiful creation!” ~Bogie

About our day trips…

“This season was absolutely wonderful. Thanks!!”

“I find in the classes, exercise for my body; the discussions, stimulation for my mind; and the company of all the women, food for my soul. Every Tuesday evening, I enter sleep with a deep feeling of contentment. This class, I’m sure, is why.”

“I enjoyed knowing that you can have fun outside any time, any type of weather.”

“I learned that winter can be an enjoyable time to be outside, not just a dead time waiting for spring.”

“Visiting new places keeps the class vital, original, and renews my sense of excitement about exploring my own state.”

“It is so helpful to share our ideas, thoughts, goals, etc., with other supportive women. Also to think more about my own goals, needs, and desires has been wonderful. I’m continuing to gain more knowledge about myself. This class has also opened up discussion with my husband regarding our personal goals.”

“This class motivates me to stay in shape so I can enjoy the activities, which is more rewarding than just going to the gym.”

“I’ve learned that taking the time to play guarantees a more focused wife, mother, lawyer, friend.”

“It always is surprising to be reminded how close we are to wildlife and to see signs of wild animal behavior so close.”

“The way you tie in aspects of nature and animal behavior to human behavior and emotions is truly brilliant. The topics are so valuable that we often have discussions related to the theme at home at dinnertime.”

“There is a perfect mix – we have physical exercise and we have friendship. We talk and we share ideas and feelings … Most importantly, I am learning about myself – and am learning how to have fun. The child inside of me is coming out.”

“I appreciate the knowledge gained in identifying the various animal tracks. I await the opportunity to impress my children!"