Trailbound Trip Policies for Getaways and Weeklong Trips

Trailbound Trip’s contact info:

Mailing address: Trailbound Trips, 533 S. Summit Street, Barrington, IL 60010

Office Manager Jamie Ruggles: Email:; Cell: 847-381-3815

Trailbound President Carol Ruhter: Email:; Cell: 847-707-9377

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Deposits: It’s quick and easy to reserve your spot for a Trailbound trip. Your deposit amount - specified for each trip - secures your spot for these great trips. Sign up online or print out and mail the registration form with your deposit to the address listed on the form. The deposit will be applied to your trip cost. Reservations are on a first-come basis. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to other participants or to other Trailbound trips. If you suspect an existing health condition could preclude you from safely participating on the hikes, please request our physician’s release early and have your doctor complete it before sending the deposit and other payments.
Final payment: Your final payment is due 90 days before your trip’s start date; we’ll email you the amount of your final balance and an online link for credit card payments. Prefer to pay by check? You can send it to our mailing address listed above. PLEASE NOTE: If we don’t receive your payment by the due date, we will need to cancel your reservations and forfeit your deposit.
Refunds: Trailbound Trip’s deposits and payments are non-refundable. This is a common policy for most travel companies. For that reason, we strongly recommend trip insurance. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, riots, strikes, war, pandemics, weather, and our tour cannot safely operate as published, there will be no compensation if an alternative is provided and declined.
Travel insurance: While we hope it’s not necessary, we strongly encourage you to check into travel insurance in case of unforeseeable circumstances. A good place to check out and compare travel policies is at Keep in mind that many policies have time limits for purchasing full coverage.
How do I meet up with Trailbound to start the trip? For weeklong trips, our guides will greet you in the baggage claim area of the designated airport at times we’ll provide you. We’ll then shuttle you and your luggage to our lodge. For most getaways, we meet at our first hikes’ parking lot, for which we provide you driving directions. Check details for your specific trip.
Forms to return: We’ll send you the below forms to return to us 90 days prior to the trip, if we don’t already have yours on file or if yours has expired.
  • A medical release signed by your doctor (for weeklong trips)
  • Your emergency medical information/treatment consent form
  • Release of liability
  • Your flight info and/or side activities you’d like to do
This information is kept strictly confidential and read only by your trip leader and doctor, if necessary.
Group size: For weeklong trips, you’ll be hiking with up to 11 other women and 2 guides. For getaways, we generally have 22 women per group, plus 2 guides. We’ve found this is the right size for great group dynamics and to best experience and enjoy the sense of wilderness.
Physical conditioning: The hikes can be strenuous, and full medical help may not be immediately accessible. To ensure you get the most enjoyment out of this trip -- as well as for the group’s enjoyment and cohesiveness -- you must be in good shape, good health, and train for this trip. For weeklong trips, you must also have a signed medical release from your doctor. We recommend a Body Mass Index no higher than 33. Our first priority is your safety. For that reason, Trailbound Trips reserves the right to decline participants or limit a participant’s hikes based on health concerns or lack of physical conditioning.
Participant age: We welcome all fit women over the age of 18. We have women in their 70s who are able to keep pace on the hikes. Fitness level is more important than age.
Rooms: Trip pricing is based on double-occupancy rooms. When registering for the trip, you can opt to room solo for an upcharge, pending room availability. Out of consideration for your roomie, consider opting for a solo room if you snore loudly or if you’re a light sleeper. While most roomies get along well on our trips, we can’t guarantee it. It’s helpful to touch base with your roomie before the trip, when the hotel has the most room flexibility. We can amend your balance to include that upgrade. In the unlikely event roommates discover they are incompatible and require separate rooms, the cost of the additional room will be split between the affected roommates, based on availability and based on the current hotel rates.
Itinerary changes: If trail or weather conditions warrant, your leaders may tweak the itinerary to ensure your group’s safety and enjoyment.
What if it rains? We don’t set out in thunderstorms. But if it’s just misting or lightly raining, we’ll don our rain gear and enjoy the vibrancy and peace of a rain-quenched woods. You’re also welcome to stay at our lodging, curl up with a good book, or enjoy other rainy-day activities. If the weather is prohibitive, your guides often have some great rainy-day options for the group.
Meals/drinks: The trip cost does not include most meals and drinks. We’ve found that women enjoy deciding for themselves how much to spend on food rather than have us dictate. Some hikers enjoy eating light, others prefer full-course meals. When we dine out, you’re in control.
  • Housekeeping Tips: Trailbound covers these tips.
  • Optional-activity guide tips: If you’re joining us for optional activities, tips for those guides are included in the activity fee and handled for you.
  • Meal Tips: Meal gratuities are not included in your trip price.
  • Guide Tips: While tips for your Trailbound guides are not expected, they are always appreciated.
Trip cancellation: Although rarely necessary, Trailbound Trips reserves the right to cancel weeklong trips with fewer than 8 participants and getaways with fewer than 10 participants. In those cases, we’ll transfer your deposit and payment to another open trip of your choice or reimburse your deposit and payment. However, we cannot assume responsibility for extra expenses you incur, including non-refundable airline tickets.