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Check out these photos, then come join us and see the beauty in person!
Carol Ruhter

The Trailhead

From Carol Ruhter, Trailbound Trip’s founder and guide.

Registering Now

  • Summer Evening Bike Trips ~ June - July, 2023 Join the Fireflies This the cool of the evening... with the sleepy sun’s glow... when sweet wild things play (including you!)
  • Summer Paddling Trips ~ Tuesday mornings ~ June - July, 2023 These relaxed morning outings treat you to gorgeous scenery & birds, wildflowers & water lilies, muskrats & beaver lodges ~ and a great group of ladies having summer fun! Sign Up Soon - only 1 trip left!
  • 2023 Schedule


    • Tuesday Morning Paddles (IL): June-July; Guide: Scout
    • Wednesday Evening Bike Rides (IL):June-July Guide: Scout


    • Day trips in Northern Illinois: Tue, Wed, Thu, Sept-Oct; Guide: Scout

    Welcome to Trailbound Trips...

    Our outdoor adventures delight, inspire, encourage, and strengthen women.

    Join us for fun hiking, bicycling and kayaking day trips in Northern Illinois’ wild places. Bike under canopies of autumn color and along rippling streams … hike through forests dappled with spring wildflowers or in tall grass prairies … paddle some of our area’s lovliest lakes and streams … discover coyote dens and follow deer paths … walk through pristine winter wonderlands.

    Explore and enjoy the Midwest’s most beautiful gems. Dogsled through Lake Superior’s Northwoods … kayak gentle streams under covered bridges … hike behind waterfalls and through canyons … horseback ride and bike through woodlands and meadows … savor vistas and sunsets from 500-foot bluffs. (Trails by day — lodges by night.)


    • Breathtaking beauty, unforgettable trails, and true outdoor adventure.
    • Your own adventurous spirit, renewed confidence, and exhilaration.
    • Tranquility: time to walk in silence, savor beauty, play outdoors again.
    • Friends who share your love of nature and the outdoors.
    • New ways to view nature and yourself through nature-based discussions.

    Enjoy this all with the friendliness, knowledge, and encouraging can-do attitudes of your experienced guides.

    Join us! Explore. Dream. Discover.