FAQs about the Weeklong Trips

Will you send me more information about how to prepare for the trip?
Once you sign up for a trip, we’ll send a booklet detailing everything you need to know. We’ve included info about itinerary, trails, weather, and area. We also highlight tips on what to pack, selecting clothes & gear, getting trail-fit, and bringing trail food.

What gear do I need?
The beauty of hiking is that it doesn’t require fancy gear. The three items you’ll need are:
  • Broken-in hiking boots with ankle support
  • A backpack, daypack, or fannypack to hold snacks/lunch, water, and extra clothes
  • A rain jacket or poncho
Your booklet suggests other clothing and gear for you to consider.

How large are the groups on each trip?
You’ll be hiking with 9 other women and 2 guides on each of the weeklong trips. We’ve found this is just the right size for great group dynamics, and a small group allows you to fully experience the sense of the wilderness and to spot wildlife.

What if it rains?
We don’t set out in thunderstorms. But if it’s just misting or raining, we’ll don our rain gear and enjoy the vibrancy and peace of a rain-quenched woods. You’re also welcome to stay back at our lodging; possibly curl up next to the fireplace with a good book, or join in on some of our rainy-day activities.

How do I meet up with you to start the trip?
We’ll be happy to greet you at the specified airport within suggested time frames, and then shuttle you to our lodging. Or, feel free to drive and meet us at our lodging.

If I sign up alone, can you pair me with a roommate, or may I have a private room?
Many of our women travel solo, so there’s often someone looking to share a room. You can also opt for a private room for an additional cost, subject to availability.

May I stay back at the hotel for a day of rest?
You’re welcome to spend a day on your own or with a friend. We’ll be happy to recommend options for you.

Is this trip open to women of all ages?
We welcome all fit women over the age of 18. We have active women in their 70s who are able to keep pace on the hikes. We’ve had sisters and mother-daughter duos enjoy themselves immensely on these trips.

How should I train for this trip?
The best way to train is to get outdoors and hike up and down hills, and on woodland trails. Treadmill and elliptical machines also help you get “trail-legs.” Combine some strength and balance training with aerobic activity. Our confirmation packet suggests additional tips.

Will you be offering other trips?
We’ll introduce new trips each year, so check out Trailbound Trips' website often. We’ll also continue offering Trailbound favorites.

How difficult and exerting are the hikes?
Some trails are easy and fairly level. However, because we’re in the mountains, most trails have elevation changes, as well as uneven surfaces with roots and rocks. On some hikes, you may be rock-stepping across gentle streams; other trails may have you huffing and puffing up fairly steep inclines. Trailbound women say that tackling these trails sends them home with a greater sense of accomplishment and renewed confidence.

For your safety and peace of mind, we ask your physician to sign a medical release vouching that you are in good enough condition to participate. We also encourage you to train for these trips. Feel free to contact us for specifics about each trail and trip.

Do you provide references from previous participants?
Many of our Trailbound “alumni” are happy to chat with you. With their permission, we’ll be happy to give you names and phone numbers/e-mail addresses. You can also check out our testimonials.

What does the trip cost include?
  • Accommodations in lovely local lodges that boast great views from private balconies/patios, private baths, and two double- or queen-size beds per room. Many of our lodges also have pools, spas, hot tubs, as well as hearty, complimentary breakfasts.
  • Guided hikes every day led by our friendly, experienced guides
  • Transportation throughout the week for our scheduled hikes and activities
  • Shuttle to and from the designated airport within suggested time frames
  • Specified special events, such as our Minnesota lighthouse tour and gondola rides, and virtual scuba diving in Maine
  • Park entrance fees
  • Our informative notebook of hiking tips
  • Most important: Unforgettable views and experiences, a group of new hiking friends, renewed self-confidence, and great stories to take home

Does my price include the cost of meals?
Some, but not most. That’s because we’ve found our women enjoy deciding themselves how much to spend on food – rather than having us dictate.

Some ladies enjoy eating light or splitting meals with a friend; others prefer a full-course meal. So when we dine out, you’re in control.

To help you further reduce food expenses and so you can prepare fresh trail lunches and snacks your way, we’ll make one brief stop at a local grocery store for you to purchase your week’s provisions. Women often also enjoy picking up breakfast food to savor while they enjoy the view from their balcony.
We will provide food and refreshments for our mountainside sunset gatherings and campfires.