Chicago-Area Day Trips

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Jan 3-Mar 2,2023; 10am - Noon

Cost: $20 per hike, payable by check or cash on the day of each hike.

  • Fall in love with winter!
  • Enjoy fresh air, sunshine & exercise.
  • Explore gorgeous area forest preserves.
  • Opt for the hikes & days that work for you.
  • Meet other outdoor-loving women.
  • Learn fun nature facts each week.
  • After hiking, warm up with our fellow hikers & good food at a nearby cafe (optional).
  • Wow friends and family with your winter adventures.

Join us for women’s hiking day trips to Northern Illinois’ wild places. Every week, explore a different forest preserve or natural area within a 2-hour radius of Barrington, Illinois. Join a group of fun women that meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays

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Happy trails!


“There is a perfect mix - we have physical exercise and we have friendship. We talk and we share ideas and feelings - Most importantly, I am learning about myself and am learning how to have fun. The child inside of me is coming out. ”

“It always is surprising to be reminded how close we are to wildlife and to see signs of wild animal behavior so close. ”

“I enjoy knowing that you can have fun outside any time, any type of weather. ”

“I find in the classes, exercise for my body; the discussions, stimulation for my mind; and the company of all the women, food for my soul. Every Tuesday evening, I enter sleep with a deep feeling of contentment. This class, I'm sure, is why. ”

“I appreciate the knowledge gained in identifying the various animal tracks. I await the opportunity to impress my children! ”

“Visiting new places keeps the class vital, original, and renews my sense of excitement about exploring my own state. ”

“The way you tie in aspects of nature and animal behavior to human behavior and emotions is truly brilliant. The topics are so valuable that we often have discussions related to the theme at home at dinnertime. ”

“This class motivates me to stay in shape so I can enjoy the activities, which is more rewarding than just going to the gym. ”

“It is so helpful to share our ideas, thoughts, goals, etc., with other supportive women. Also to think more about my own goals, needs, and desires has been wonderful. I'm continuing to gain more knowledge about myself. This class has also opened up discussion with my husband regarding our personal goals. ”

“Thank you for encouraging me to embrace winter. I am enjoying getting out in the cold, admiring God’s creation in this season, meeting new women, hanging out with my friends in a different way, exercising, and getting to know you. Life is indeed a matter of moments and I’m so glad that some of my moments are being spent in this way.” ~Flipper “Thanks for sending the photos, Carol. Seeing the pics and remembering the best bike ride ever were the perfect way to end my day. ” ~ Flo-Rida

“ I just love this group you have mothered! This is a wonderful example of nurturing the female spirit and reminding us of our connection to this beautiful Earth that allows us her space. To boot we share our time with like-minded women. What a Blessing.” ~Florencia

“ Thank you for another lovely hike. Where do you find so many delightful and interesting women? Trailbound has brought so much joy into my life, and really enriched my retirement. What a wonderful thing you have built!” ~ Skigal