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Fall Day Trips are beginning! Enjoy these photos from from our trips, then sign up to join the fun!
Carol Ruhter

The Trailhead

From Carol Ruhter, Trailbound Trip’s founder and guide.

"Something precious is lost if we rush headlong into the details of life without pausing for a moment to pay homage to the mystery of life and the gift of another day." ~Kent Nerburn

Register for these Fabulous Adventures

  • Great River Getaway Oct. 3-5 and Oct. 6-8, 2017 Where the Wisconsin River joins the mighty Mississippi...we invite you to join us to relax, reflect, and recharge! Just in! 1 opening for the Oct 6-8 trip!
  • Oregon ~ Aug. 11-18 & Aug. 18-25 & Aug. 25-Sep 1, 2018 Discover the Best of Oregon: its Coastline, Cascades, and Crater Lake 1 spot left for Aug. 18-25 & 2 spots left for Aug. 25-Sept. 1
  • Galena Jan. 27-28 and Jan. 30-31, 2018 Wander Winter Wonderlands on our Galena Getaway Only a few spots left. Act fast!
  • California Dreaming - Big Sur ~ April 8-14 & April 15-21, 2018 Explore where ancient redwoods and the Santa Lucia mountains kiss the Pacific Ocean. Hike along the Pacific’s sea caves, crashing waves, sea stacks, hidden coves, tidal pools, waterfalls, and sandy beaches. Spot playful sea otters, seals , sea lions, and tide-pool critters. Almost full! Just 1 spot left for April 8-14.
  • Northwoods Dog Sled Adventure ~ February 21-25, 2018 In the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula - tucked between the great lakes of Superior and Michigan unforgettable fun beckons! Almost full! Just 2 spots left - sign up now!
  • Fall Day Trips ~ September 5 - October 28, 2017 Walk on the Wild Side this fall! Explore 10 of Northern Illinois’ prettiest wild places ... Rejuvenate your spirit with crisp fall air, sunshine, & exercise ... Enjoy meeting other friendly women who love the outdoors ... Discover cool things about nature each week
  • Devil’s Lake May 15-17 & 18-20, 2018 Just 3 hours away - yet worlds away - discover stunning beauty and great adventure We still have openings for May 18-20
  • Turkey Run Oct. 7-9 & Oct. 9-11, 2018 Nestled in Indiana’s countryside, dotted with covered bridges, discover Turkey Run State Park; 2,300 acres of autumn beauty.
  • Blue Ridge Waterfalls May 13-19 & 20-25, 2018 If you love towering waterfalls, gorgeous mountains, spring wildflowers, and meeting other outdoor women, this trip is for you!
  • Superior Hiking Trail Sept. 9-14 and Sept. 16-21, 2018 Discover Minnesota’s Treasures: Mountains, Waterfalls, Lake Superior, Forests, & the Superior Hiking Trail!
  • Utah Oct. 7-13 and Oct. 14-20, 2018 Go Adventuring in Bryce & Zion National Parks! We still have openings for Oct 14-20.

Adventures in the Making

  • Coming in 2019!
    Spring: White Pines Getaway (Illinois)
    Summer: Glacier Nat’l Park (Montana)
    Shenandoah Nat’l Park (Virginia)
    Apostle Islands (Wisconsin)
    Autumn: Sheboygan Getaway (Wisconsin)
    Sedona & Grand Canyon (Arizona)
    Winter: Wyoming
    Starved Rock Getaway (Illinois)

Get on the Wait List for these popular trips

  • Full Moon Hike ~ October 6, 2017 Hike by the light of the moon on this FREE hike exclusive to Trailbound women and their friends.
  • New York's Finger Lakes ~ Oct. 15-21 and Oct. 22-28, 2017 According to Native American legend, the Great Spirit laid his hands on this land to bless it, leaving imprints of his fingers, which filled with water and became known as the Finger Lakes.

Meet Our Newest Trailbound Guide

Stephanie Blatchley
Stephanie Blatchley
Stephanie Blatchley (aka "Spirit") serves as a guide for Saturday day trips in Northern Illinois and for Trailbound’s weeklong trips. She loves the outdoors: exploring, reflecting and receiving the "nature fix" that feeds her spirit. Stephanie is passionate about the outdoor classroom and experiencing learning that deepens understanding self and the world at large. She enjoys hiking, biking and kayaking, and loves to see the joy these activities bring to others. During the school year, Stephanie is a reading specialist for grades K-5. She and her husband live in Barrington and are the proud parents of two grown-up children, a daughter and a son.


Give the gift of fun, health, outdoors, and friendship. Also a great gift for birthdays, holidays or just because. We've got you covered! Trailbound gift certificates come in any amount. We will mail to you or directly to the lucky recipient. It's a great gift for a friend, mom, sister, or daughter. Or put it on YOUR gift wish list. Contact us at

Welcome to Trailbound Trips...

Our outdoor adventures delight, inspire, encourage, and strengthen women.

Join us for fun hiking and bicycling day trips in Northern Illinois’ wild places. Bike under canopies of autumn color and along rippling streams … hike through forests dappled with spring wildflowers or in tall grass prairies … discover coyote dens and follow deer paths … walk through pristine winter wonderlands.

Explore and enjoy the Midwest’s most beautiful gems. Dogsled through Lake Superior’s Northwoods … kayak gentle streams under covered bridges … hike behind waterfalls and through canyons … horseback ride and bike through woodlands and meadows … savor vistas and sunsets from 500-foot bluffs. (Trails by day — lodges by night.)

Follow your heart on weeklong dream trips to destinations like Acadia, Maine, nestled by the Atlantic ocean … Utah’s gorgeous red rock canyon-lands … Oregon’s coastline, cascades, and Crater Lake… Waterfall tours through Carolina’s Blue Ridge wilderness … Snow-capped mountain wildernesses packed with wildlife and beauty. (Trails by day; lodges by night).


  • Breathtaking beauty, unforgettable trails, and true outdoor adventure.
  • Your own adventurous spirit, renewed confidence, and exhilaration.
  • Tranquility: time to walk in silence, savor beauty, play outdoors again.
  • Friends who share your love of nature and the outdoors.
  • New ways to view nature and yourself through nature-based discussions. We also offer trips with a Christian focus, which are noted accordingly.

Enjoy this all with the friendliness, knowledge, and encouraging can-do attitudes of your experienced, women guides.

Join us! Explore. Dream. Discover.

Trailbound’s 2017 Schedule


  • Day trips in Northern Illinois: Sept 5 - Oct. 28
  • Autumn in Vermont: Sat-Fri, Sept 23-29 and Sat-Fri, Sept 30-Oct 6; Guides: Rebel, LL Lucy & Hellbender
  • Great River Getaway (WI): Fri-Sun, Oct 6-8 and Mon-Wed, Oct 9-11; Guides: Scout & River Rat
  • New York’s Finger Lakes(NY): Sun-Sat; Oct 15-21 and Sun-Sat; Oct. 22-28; Guides: Scout & Running Water

2018 Schedule


  • Day trips in Northern Illinois:
  • Galena: Sat-Sun, Jan 27-28; Tue-Wed, Jan 30-31.Guides: Scout & LL Lucy
  • Northwoods Dog Sled Adventure: Wed-Sun, Feb 21-25. Guides: Scout & LL Lucy


  • Day trips in Northern Illinois: Apr 18 - June 3
  • Devil’s Lake: Thu-Fri, May 17-18 and Sat-Sun, May 19-20;Guides: Scout & LL Lucy
  • Waterfall Hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains: May dates TBD. Guides: Rebel and Hellbender
  • California Dreaming in Big Sur: Sun-Sat, Apr 8-14 and Sun-Sat, Apr 15-21; Guides: Scout, Rebel, & Hellbender


  • Wild Woman Tri: Wed, June 15
  • Discover the Best of Oregon: Sat-Sat, Aug 11-18; Guides: Scout and Wander Woman


  • Day trips in Northern Illinois: Sept 5 - Oct. 28
  • Northwoods Superior Hiking Trail: Sun-Fri, Sept 9-14 and Sept 16-21Guides: Scout and Running Water
  • Turkey Run Getaway: Fri-Sun, Oct 5-7 and Mon-Wed, Oct 8-10 ; Guides: Scout and River Rat
  • Explore Utah’s Bryce & Zion Nat’l Parks: Sun-Sat, Oct 7-13 and Oct. 14-20. Guides: Zip and Rebel

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